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Are you having problems finding the best language learning online platform? Well, considering the high availability of internet connections across the globe and the many upcoming language learning sites, any language learner is spoilt for the right choice when it comes to self study. Language learning online is not a hobby that fits all individuals; no style will raise the interest of all learners.

Online study communities, apps, websites, Google translators and e-books can be great assets for language learning online. There are many online materials. However, they range in quality and learners waste a lot of time and resources testing upcoming sites to find the best language learning online sites that fit their style of learning.

Some learners prefer visual lessons with nice graphics. Some like to work on quizzes, games and scores in order to best track their progress. Some have interest in grammar tests while others prefer listening to audio lessons.

Here is a review of the best language learning online resources for different types of learners:

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is an all rounded study resource that you can get online for free. It offers the study of only six languages and all of them are European. Learners get to learn vocabulary and build simple sentences through writing, reading, listening and reciting, of course with grammar tips all along the way. There is a translation option for the challenging passages.

This online resource is best for learners who need structure in their learning lessons. The tips’ section provides deep, strong and succinct explanations. Grammar notes pop up during lessons to bring new concepts like conjugation and articles.

Wondering what interesting things this site has? The graphics of Duolingo site appeal to most learners. Most lessons are presented as a flow chart. Users can see where to apply their vocabulary now and in the future statements.

  • Busuu

This site has language lessons that feature new phrases and vocabulary supported by dialogues, audio recordings, writing exercises and a wide chance of networking with native speakers for real time practice.

Busuu offers a wide approach to language learning that has options for listening, speaking and reading. Busuu app options give learners a chance to review materials or learn on the go. However, features like video units, grammar lessons and printable portable document files are only available through the paid membership premium.

Busuu works best for language learners who already have some understanding of the language. The beginner lessons begin with some immersion into full sentences with dialogues. There is usually not much practice in building sentences or practicing pronunciations.

  • Livemocha

Livemocha has lessons which are broken down into reading, listening, writing and speaking. All these skills are studied separately. Each lesson presents a new material. The separate skills are then merged for the learner to apply what they have acquired.

Livemocha offers the study of over thirty five languages. The premium membership is not free. Users can earn credit though by tutoring other learners on the site. This entails providing a comprehensive feedback on audio records.

Live mocha allows learners to widely network and to access virtual classes. You can also book an online learning session with a private tutor. Livemocha also offers chat options and friendly suggestions.

Be inspired and find the best language learning online site that best fits you.


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