4 of The Best Online Language Learning Programs

best online language learning programs
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Finding the best online language learning program can be difficult and time consuming for a new learner nowadays. Online language learning programs are substantially growing in revenue and users. There are a lot of companies scrambling to grab the revenue that comes with developing language learning programs. They include Linguistica360, Rosetta stone, Babbel, Busuu, Duolingo and WeSpeke.

These companies have sites with different features to help speed up language learning and varying schemes of prices. New Learners however have problems in differentiating the sites. The publishers are always fighting for which program a client tries first. This is important for them because when a customer becomes captive to a particular program product, this could mean loyalty of a lifetime. It could lead to user referrals too.

Here are 4 of the best online language learning programs worth looking at:

  1. FluentU

This is a unique online language learning program that focuses on exclusive language immersion. FluentU uses real videos such as movie trailers, music videos, motivational talks and global news, and makes them viable language learning lessons. This is real fun!

FluentU makes this approach personal by integrating new phrases. It uses socially interactive games to tutor vocabulary and track learner’s progress. FluentU also has interactive image captions that allow you to tap on any word in order to see an image meaning and useful examples. Missed a concept or a word? Audio definitions are also available for this feature. You can actually learn all vocabularies in any available video from this site.

  1. Language Pod 101

The language pod 101 series is one of the very best online language learning programs. It is a network of language learning websites. It offers programs for languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese.

The websites in this program have both paid subscriptions and free models with a myriad of learning materials, which generally range from fun flashcards or ‘mems’ (micro-electromechanical-systems) and podcasts that use vocabulary words.

  1. Memrise

This site offers ‘mems’. These are mnemonic materials that apply your pre-existing understanding and knowledge to help you remember new phrases and vocabularies.

The site is highly accessible and the learning method is valid and clear. The mem feature is artificially intelligent to cater for all your learning needs. Learners can also upload their own mems to the site to help other users. This program is good for visual learners especially using the mem method.

  1. Foreign Services Institute

This is an American program, which offers language learning materials for personal use. The program site is basic and the resources offered are of high quality. They are designed by professional linguists who have the main goal of language learners’ fluency.

What makes Foreign Services Institute one of the best online language learning programs? Well, it offers classes for the languages that are not much common across the globe. For instance, African languages like Shona and Igbo. This is made easy by well organized audio recording that are little fuzzy. This program is best for learners who like lessons with structure and grammar based study.

Try out these online language learning programs and expand your lingual empire.


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