Online Foreign Language Learning

Online Foreign Language Learning
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Online foreign language learning has in the recent years become a common practice. This is due to the increased number of online platforms offering language learning virtual classes. The world is increasingly becoming a small global village creating the need for a highly competitive bilingual and multi lingual workforce.You need to be up to date with the latest language skills. Which foreign language would you like to learn? Is it Korean, Hebrew, American Sign Language, Japanese, Spanish, Russian or Italian? Learning one or more foreign languages gives you professional advantage. Are you an ambassador, a tour guide or an international business man? Just make it your objective to learn a foreign language.

The growth of online foreign language learning

The growth of technology for educational purposes has transformed the way of learning and accessing education especially linguistics. The emergence of mobile apps and interactively active software has provided the right choice to a range of individuals. They were unable to access foreign language knowledge until recently. It is now cheap to learn a foreign language.

Technology has caused a demographic shift in the number and kind of language learners. Learning foreign languages was previously associated with the elite group but now people from low backgrounds can afford to learn.

Foreign language learning just needs a few online tools that the middle class can actually afford; a Smartphone and an internet connection. Android applications such as dictionaries and translators are also available. Some companies such as Duolingo and Busuu have developed simple foreign language learning apps and games to aid learners.

Technology is making foreign language learning more personalized nowadays. Users are able to book private classes, pinpoint their language needs for business trips, holidays and tours abroad. This is encouraging learners to take a more active approach in learning.

Online foreign language learning communities

Ever heard of online foreign language learning communities? Technology has made it easy to network with the native speakers and the other learners from all over the world. This has made learning a new language interesting and easy. You get to share your learning struggles with the community and the response is always healing. The native speakers will give you the basic concepts that surround the language such as cultural practices, synonyms, pop culture and slang.  Here are some of the online foreign languages learning communities namely Italki, Palabea, The Mixxer, LiveMocha and Busuu.

These communities offer a wide range of foreign languages to include the most common ones, English, French and Spanish. You will find friends who are willing to share their resources and teach you. You also get a chance to showcase what you have learnt by sharing the material you have made such as videos, audio recordings and written articles. You can make own flashcards and ask others to review and rate them. For some sites like Italki, most foreign language learning classes and materials are not free but there is a large community that allows you to get in touch with the native speakers.

Get ready for online foreign language learning at no cost.


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