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online language learning community
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Would you like to be a member of an online language learning community?  Are you learning a less common language? Are you learning all by yourself? It is normal to feel isolated at times.Are you ready to join an online language learning community? Get rid of that boredom and network with the native speakers and other learners. Would you like to naturally speak a new language? Native speakers can provide you with the innermost information on your new language such as idiomatic expressions, slang, cultural practices and pop culture.

The online language learning community forum can put all your problems into perspective. You feel at ease when someone else asks the same language question that you have been asking yourself. You also get to know that the people ahead of you also went through difficulties in learning your new language. In addition to the awesome learning tips you get, forums help create a virtual bond that connects you with other learners there no matter what language they are learning.

Here are five online language learning communities you should join:

  1. Omniglot

Omniglot is a collection of different linguistic writing systems used to represent a language. The blog site is rich in written word. It is definitely best for the learners who like learning by written texts. Omniglot offers translation on request and has sections for extinct languages.

This community has attracted a large traffic of serious language learners with passion in fluency of new languages. If you are looking for a forum with low or minimal negativity but high interest in learning, find your way to Omniglot.

  1. Linguaholic

The administration behind the success of Linguaholic cares for the learners. Communication is grossly timely. This language learning community has sections for language teaching, apps and language exchange section where you can interact with people to get your questions solved.

Linguaholic offers a sense of ‘kaizen’, a Japanese concept that means continuous progress or improvement. This is made complete by the availability of moderators who facilitate your language learning by offering you new suggestions and responding to your requests.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a forum where specific language learning needs can be catered for. It has communities known as subreddits that can be personalized to be broad or specific. Are you a beginner seeking to learn languages that are phonetically similar to French or English? Well, you can submit your specific learning queries to the Reddit community.

While other communities present the trending or recent threads with most commentaries, in Reddit you will see the post that other members have found to be particularly helpful or interesting to their areas of study.

  1. WordReference

This is the top dictionary or translation site in the internet. Translation and offering definitions is just one of its virtues however. It has a live community of language learners and moderators. It has forums for French, Slavic, and Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish and many other utterly minor languages.

  1. Unilang

This forum probably offers study for the highest number of languages to include Basque, Faroese, Kurdish and even Polynesian Languages.  Unilang supports live chat and community generated materials like games, software, stories, scripts, podcasts, videos and dictionaries. Collaboration is the theme of Unilang community. You can access resources made by others, asks questions and discuss them.

Find an online language learning community and be part of language globalization.


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