Online Language Learning Sites You May Not Be Aware of

online language learning sites
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There are many online language learning sites for those seeking to learn new languages. Are you planning to travel abroad? Have you secured a job in Europe? Well, you can also learn new languages for fun. Wondering how much online language learning will impact on your budget? The good thing is that you no longer have to use a tight budget as an excuse not to learn a new language or brush up on what you already know.

The social media, android apps, websites and e-books have served very well in bringing the world closer to us in the most beautiful way; the avail of thousands of languages spoken across the globe. What could be more beautiful than that in the history of linguistics? The globalization of languages is getting better day by day. The World Wide Web can now fit in our pockets along with Microsoft, iOS and android devices such as iphones, tablets, and portable computers.

The biggest problem is not finding free online language learning sites but sorting them out for the best that suits your interests and style of learning. Are you looking for Skype exchanges, pronunciation classes, grammar tests or visual contents and games for learning that wonderful language you love? It is all out there in the internet.

You could begin by wearing out your heart by making those many Google errors or you could just check out the following online language learning sites. Voici! Here are the best 5:

  1. Live Lingua

This is the largest internet collection of free public language learning materials. It has thousands of audio recordings, video materials for foreign languages and free e-books for over a hundred different languages.  It is a user friendly site that hosts the United States Foreign Service Institute’s public domain of language courses. The courses were developed by the United States department of State for language learning. They are now available for free on various language learning sites.

  1. com

This online language learning site has links to extensive materials and resources on nineteen different languages. It provides verbal conjugation charts and vocabulary lists.

  1. Open Culture

Open Culture is a website that hosts free cultural and educational media fairs. It maintains a list of free courses in forty eight languages across the web, which range from Yiddish to Amharic. The resources are collected from universities, governments and private institutions across the world. You are certain to find high quality lessons.

  1. Surface Languages

It maintains a wide database of online language learning programs as well as its own audio courses for beginners in French, Portuguese, Romanian, Afrikaans and Italian.

  1. Streema

This site fits the language learners who love tube streaming for videos and audio recordings. The site is not solely designed for language learning but it offers free television streaming from over a hundred countries around the world. This is interesting especially if you are learning a language that is not commonly studied.

Look out for these online language learning sites and raise your fluency a notch higher.


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